My Old Puncing Bag Helps Me Keep Fit

Yesterday, was the garage cleaning day for me. After many months of nudging by my wife, I finally pulled myself up and decided to throw away all the things that were unnecessarily piled up in the garage. It took me the whole day to clean-up the garage. Only one good thing I found worth keeping, was a punching bag. I purchased it about 10 years back, but due to lack of time I never pursued with its training.

I decided to give it a try this time, with a thought that it could help me to get back in the shape that I had lost because of my white collar job. I immediately decided a suitable place to hang it and took out the instruction book from its never opened sealed bag. I went through the instructions and also searched for effective hitting postures and moves from the web. I found a very informative and detailed video about practicing with a punching bag.

Well equipped with this information, I decided to practice every morning before I get ready for my office. Playing this video on my TV and practicing along with punching bag, soon I was very comfortable with this routine. I learned many ways of hitting for the best results.

As the second week is drawing near its end, since I started with my heavy bag practice, I am feeling very light and fit. This routine is paying back amazingly. I have grown a great admirer of this compact and easy form of exercise. I actually thank my wife who forced me to clean the garage that day, when I found this punching bag. It has changed me and my appearance. I feel more confident since I have regained my fit body. So, one should never run away from a dirty task like garage cleaning, it can change your life dramatically.

A Few Truths about Radar Detectors You May not Know


Ever since speeding limits were enforced to prevent traffic accidents from happening, a lot of people have considered getting radar detectors, so they can speed up once in a while. With the development of more complex models, all kinds of urban myths have started to circulate, and it may be difficult now to tell truth apart from fiction. Here are a few truths you may want to remember next time you hear someone talking about radar detectors.

Radar detectors are legal in most states ( Check this website for more info) 

It is highly recommended to check the legislation in your state if you want to make sure you are not doing anything illegal by getting such a device. There are only but a few states where there are some legal issues with radar detectors, so you should learn about them before setting out for the road.


Radar detectors work just fine in bad weather

This is a matter that has caused quite a lot of controversy among drivers, but for a very simple reason. In bad weather, law enforcement employees are not very keen of spending time in the rain, so they are not on the spot, so to speak, to hand out speeding tickets. Any radar detector will work just fine ( Wireless ones are the best though) in any kind of weather, but make sure it does not sit a lot of time in the sun, since high temperatures may affect it.


Radar detectors do not work all the time

This is the kind of truth you should be ready to live with. While radar detectors can detect radars installed on the highway, they may not be able to detect portable radars that the police have installed directly on their cars. These radars can be switched on and off, as the need arises, and your detector cannot save you, under such circumstances, from a speeding ticket.

How I prepare for camping trips

Even experimented campers can leave behind important pieces of equipment when going in a trip, and for that reason, you should always keep a personal list with you when you start packing for an upcoming camping trip. Never forget that every destination is somehow different from all the others and paying attention to small details is important, if you don’t want to end up packing the wrong items. My list is divided into four essential categories , but I modify it all the time once I pick the next destination.

Sleeping items

To begin with: your tent ( here you can find how to choose one) , nicely wrapped in its stuff sack. To have inside the tent: an air mattress (camping bed/sleeping sack), pillows, blankets, and an electric hook up. If you have an air mattress, you should take a repair kit with you. Though maybe not as important to mention, because we all know nights can get cold when sleeping in a tent, even in the summer, but extra clothing is an essential item to bag before going camping. You should definitely have umbrellas or water repellant clothes for rainy days.


Cooking arsenal

While you are outdoors you need to eat and, the area where you find yourself in, might not provide eating facilities. For the cooking tasks you need: at least one pan and a pot, cooking utensils, plates and cutlery, glasses, an outdoor cooking stove (the smaller the better), can/bottle opener, dishwasher, matches, paper towels, wet wipes and garbage sacks. Don’t forget to take with you not only food but also crackers, tea bags and coffee (camping without coffee is a nightmare). Folding chairs and a table can come in handy, though most camping spots are equipped with a picnic table and grill.


Save-your-life gear

I called it save-your-life gear, though you will see that items included in this category are not necessarily linked to life and death situations, though lacking some of them can lead to the unfortunate circumstance when you need to hurry to a hospital.

While you go camping you will need to have extra batteries for your radio or alarm clock in case of electric power troubles, maps of the area if you stray from the camp (however, you should find these there if you are going into an organized camp), an axe would can in handy, duct tape (in case your tent is damaged), water filter, medical aid kit, insect repellent, toilet paper and towels.

You should also make sure to pack all your personal hygiene items. Though some of the products mentioned above can be found at the camp, you may have trouble finding deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes, hand cream, lip balm (it may not look like a big deal but in windy areas or dry climates your lips can suffer intense dehydration and cracking), tampons and other cosmetic and hygiene items will be needed and hard to find.


Recreational items

Maybe not as important, but definitely something you should think about, are recreational items. Though camping can be fun, you might want to play badminton or basketball (you may find a basketball court there, but you may not find an available ball), soccer ball, tennis rackets (and ball), an mp3 player, iPods, magazines, books or anything else you and your kids enjoy doing outdoor. Remember, no matter how pleasant camping is, there will be moments when you won’t have anything else to do and you’ll get awfully bored especially in the evening.

As I already mentioned some camps provide essential camping items. For example, you can rent camping spots and a tent altogether and more expensive camping destinations offer private showers. Since this is not a general rule, be well informed on the camp conditions and  offered facilities, as you may come to realize when you arrive there, that you lack even the most important items to survive.

acum ca ai pus alta categorie, de fapt ai patru categorii. Ti-am spus si in comentariul anterior ca trebuie sa modifici.

Should you buy a fish finder with a built in GPS?

One of the newest and the most astounding innovation in the game of fishing is the fish finder with the handiness of an inbuilt GPS. As an ardent fisherman, you must get a GPS based fish finder, since its advanced features make the job of anglers easy. It reduces the workload by restraining the efforts needed to locate the right fishing spots to nearly half as before.

The combination of fish finders and the GPS offers anglers and fishermen a greater number of advantages than purchasing these two units separately. Working as a combo, it also saves money, as you have to pay for a single screen, single case and a single component chassis but advantages of two gadgets in price of one. It also reduces the investment and aids in fishing for a longer period of time. Considered as an excellent example of the new era of futuristic products, this not only helps fishermen to modernize in the new world, but also let them feel and enjoy a tough task done comfortably.

It just simplifies the life of a fisher. It is a simple to use gadget as everything works by a few clicks or selections with your fingertips, quickly and easily. You are able to plan your route and set your course in just a few moments of time, so it saves a lot of precious time which can be utilized in something constructive and fruitful.

As an end user, one must be aware of the benefits and assistance that the fish finder provides. In my case I was unaware of many interesting features till my friend told me about the benefits of a GPS fitted fish finder. After using it, I actually felt an enhancement in my fishing capabilities and the catch. I was able to locate better fishing spots without losing my way back to shore. Even in challenging sea weathers, I felt confident and relaxed.

The GPS is an amazing feature that indicates about the presence of fishes around the location you have anchored your fishing boat. It’s easy to read and comfy to use nature makes it one of a kind product that many people lust about. Due to its simple construction and ease of use, almost anyone can use this reliable fish finder with GPS and make their lives easier.

When you are at sea, the biggest difficulty faced is navigating in the right direction. A GPS is helpful in cars, RVs and other vehicles, similarly GPS is a good addition in a fish finder. It will keep you on the right path towards your profitable and enjoyable fishing excursion. This makes it efficient and exclusive.

Even if you are fishing as a hobbyist, you will definitely be thrilled by the amount of help it provides in your fishing experience. Buying this product will not only change the way you catch fish but also the way you think about your hobby or profession This product is a mix of idealism and perfectionism which should be present on the “wish list” of every true fisherman.

My tips for bass fishing beginners

What makes bass fishing so extremely popular among fishermen is that it is fun, and it can be practiced in many areas in the US, due to the extensive spread of this species all over the country. Bass is one of the most sought after species because it puts up a fight, which makes the fishing experience thrilling and, though it is a medium species, some specimens grow unusually large, which makes them even more coveted, as their size turns them some a sort of fishing jackpots or trophies.

Anyway, deciding when and where you go fishing is the most important. Bass can behave differently depending on the season. No matter how you look at it, the best seasons for fishing bass are spring and summer. In early summer mornings, bass will come closer to the shore to feed and may stay there to enjoy cooler temperatures preserved by water plants, but will migrate towards deeper waters in the evening.  If it so happens that you go in winter, remember that bass has a habitude of coming near the shore in the morning, but stays in open water for the rest of the time.

Secondly, know the conditions in which you will be fishing, as they require different types of gear. For example, the length of your rod, the type of lure you are using, or the material are all important factors to take into consideration and compare, because they are essential  to the chosen environment.

If you’re a beginner, go for a spinning rod, as it is more easily maneuvered in any type of fishing conditions. In time, as you become more and more experienced, you can start using the baitcasting gear, as it is considered the most versatile of the two.



If you have no idea how to match the rod and reel, it is advisable that you acquire an already made pack, meaning a rod fitted with an appropriate reel by the manufacturer. However, not any type of rod and reel combination is suitable for fishing bass. In this particular case, your rod’s length should stay within 6 to 7 feet, these being the medium and recommended lengths when fishing for smaller species of fish such as this one. Beginners seldom prefer shorter rods, but if you’re going for a shorter than 6 feet product, you should know that the length can also influence the casting distance so, if you’re fishing on the shores of a lake, you may not be able to cast long enough distances to land fish.

When it comes to the attributes of the rod, you might want to check the appropriate action and power for this particular type of fishing. You can use a medium or fast action rod, both of them suitable for various angling settings, but you should probably go for a medium or medium-heavy power rod, just in case you encounter larger specimens. For example, if you own a slow action, light power rod, you can land smallmouth bass with it, but, if it so happens that you run into an oversized specimen, you may encounter difficulties dragging it  out from water, given the rebellious behavior of this species.

The Best Gift for My Father: a Drill Press



I have grown up watching my father doing numerous household repairs with a hand drill. His hobby of wood crafting, creating small to medium furniture for our home, always attracted me. I grew up observing him age and watching his hands tremble a bit while piercing a hard wood with his age-old hand drill. One day browsing an online shopping site, I stumbled on a webpage selling an electric drill press and I decided to gift one to my father. Its powerful features, power and accuracy of drill promised great possibilities for my father, who in spite of his age still enjoyed this pursuit.

Father’s day was the perfect day and perhaps the day, I was waiting to gift this drill-press to my dad. This website helped to find  a good one So this year on Father’s day I surprised him with a drill press. I was ecstatic to see the happiness in his moist eyes.


Ever since then, he looks very pleased and content with the finesse he could accomplish in his craft pieces. All credit goes to the hand-press and its amazing results, beyond his and my imagination. Now, he can drill the holes more precisely and accurately with the help of the inbuilt depth control system. He can drill the holes at the desired angle with the option of setting the spindle at an angle as it is firmly held in the accompanying clamps.

I have noticed that my father spends more time in his small outdoor workshop, but looks relaxed and far less fatigued. The reason is this drill press is fitted with a powerful motor, so no physical exertion is required to drill holes of whatever size. He looks more energetic and is able to finish the jobs in less time due to the speed of the hand-press. Sometimes the accuracy and speed of this useful furnishing tool allures me to give it a try at woodwork.

This versatile hand press is shipped with useful tools like sanders and a mortizer that has increased the scope of the wood work. He does the sanding tasks very easily and I can see the effect of the Drill Press in the wonderful wooden articles, he now creates. I was just a bit hesitant about the capability of this tool, but with the results of this basic model, I will buy him a more powerful floor type commercial hand-press.

Get Yourself a Weather Radio

Recently I read an 87 year old woman’s account about how her weather radio blared at the right moment, announcing the Tornado and she saved herself from the impact of one of the worst hit Woodward tornado in 2012.

Photo from

So if you too are living in such calamity prone area which is declared as a high risk area of earthquake, flood, tsunami or other grim weather conditions, then you must get a weather radio. You can rely on this device because unlike the regular commercial commodities, these are specifically meant to save precious human lives.

Weather radios are programmed to link up with some local weather monitoring organization like NOAA Weather Radio (NWR). This organization broadcasts National Weather Service throughout the USA alerting people about the untoward weather conditions for the next 24 hours. It also encourages people to watch the atmospheric signals, relays forecast of hazards, announces necessary precautions or informs about evacuation of people from the affected region.

When a Weather radio receives these signals about an approaching life-threatening situation, it blows a loud siren that can wake up a person, even from a deep sleep. These gadgets are loud enough to be heard in the noisiest tornadoes and thunderstorms and can also alert people who are outdoors at the time of calamity.

With a built-in flashlight, you can find your way if the power failures occur in the odd weather. Another advantage of these systems is that they are designed with the sturdiest of batteries, which go a long way without any need of charging and it works in all kinds of weather. They can receive the weather broadcast signals when your normal pocket radio is unable to receive the transmission.

So don’t wait for someone to rescue you. Prepare yourself to face such unexpected situations with the help of this efficacious device.