How I prepare for camping trips

Even experimented campers can leave behind important pieces of equipment when going in a trip, and for that reason, you should always keep a personal list with you when you start packing for an upcoming camping trip. Never forget that every destination is somehow different from all the others and paying attention to small details is important, if you don’t want to end up packing the wrong items. My list is divided into four essential categories , but I modify it all the time once I pick the next destination.

Sleeping items

To begin with: your tent ( here you can find how to choose one) , nicely wrapped in its stuff sack. To have inside the tent: an air mattress (camping bed/sleeping sack), pillows, blankets, and an electric hook up. If you have an air mattress, you should take a repair kit with you. Though maybe not as important to mention, because we all know nights can get cold when sleeping in a tent, even in the summer, but extra clothing is an essential item to bag before going camping. You should definitely have umbrellas or water repellant clothes for rainy days.


Cooking arsenal

While you are outdoors you need to eat and, the area where you find yourself in, might not provide eating facilities. For the cooking tasks you need: at least one pan and a pot, cooking utensils, plates and cutlery, glasses, an outdoor cooking stove (the smaller the better), can/bottle opener, dishwasher, matches, paper towels, wet wipes and garbage sacks. Don’t forget to take with you not only food but also crackers, tea bags and coffee (camping without coffee is a nightmare). Folding chairs and a table can come in handy, though most camping spots are equipped with a picnic table and grill.


Save-your-life gear

I called it save-your-life gear, though you will see that items included in this category are not necessarily linked to life and death situations, though lacking some of them can lead to the unfortunate circumstance when you need to hurry to a hospital.

While you go camping you will need to have extra batteries for your radio or alarm clock in case of electric power troubles, maps of the area if you stray from the camp (however, you should find these there if you are going into an organized camp), an axe would can in handy, duct tape (in case your tent is damaged), water filter, medical aid kit, insect repellent, toilet paper and towels.

You should also make sure to pack all your personal hygiene items. Though some of the products mentioned above can be found at the camp, you may have trouble finding deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes, hand cream, lip balm (it may not look like a big deal but in windy areas or dry climates your lips can suffer intense dehydration and cracking), tampons and other cosmetic and hygiene items will be needed and hard to find.


Recreational items

Maybe not as important, but definitely something you should think about, are recreational items. Though camping can be fun, you might want to play badminton or basketball (you may find a basketball court there, but you may not find an available ball), soccer ball, tennis rackets (and ball), an mp3 player, iPods, magazines, books or anything else you and your kids enjoy doing outdoor. Remember, no matter how pleasant camping is, there will be moments when you won’t have anything else to do and you’ll get awfully bored especially in the evening.

As I already mentioned some camps provide essential camping items. For example, you can rent camping spots and a tent altogether and more expensive camping destinations offer private showers. Since this is not a general rule, be well informed on the camp conditions and  offered facilities, as you may come to realize when you arrive there, that you lack even the most important items to survive.

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