My Father Bought Himself a RV

My father retired from his 35 year employment last month. Since he is a passionate traveler, he decided to travel with an RV to enjoy his days of total freedom. So I volunteered to help him in selecting a good option on the basis of affordability, privacy and comfort, because these features make RV as a favorite among many frequent travelers.

So here are some of the things I have learned about RVs. An RV is a good option where you can stay or move according to your desire and choice. RVs are affordable than travelling by air, car or train, if you add up the expenses on hotels and food.

Most people assume that RV’s are motorized mobile homes, but actually RVs range from camping trailers to large travel vehicles. Depending upon the inbuilt functionality, the cost may vary from a few thousand dollars to a million dollars for customized luxurious RVs. There are many possibilities and information available online to make a correct choice to suit your pocket and needs.

If you have a limited budget, but still dream to travel in an RV, then an affordable option is to rent one. There are a plethora of online rental sites and yellow-pages available, to help you. This method is cost-effective and the total rent amount is calculated according to the number of days it is hired for and the type of RV you want.

Whether you own or rent an RV, it is a good idea to have an RV specific GPS. GPS is one of the key features to be looked for while traveling with an RV. GPS in an RV should be able to inform about POIs, RV camp locations, RV friendly routes, warnings or hazards on the way. Here is an article on how you should setup one.The GPS should have a large anti-glare screen, latest map updates, Wi-Fi connectivity and weather forecast system.

Camping sites has not been a major issue for RV travelers. RV parking spaces are available at a very nominal rental fee either on daily or weekly basis. If you travel through the country-side, you may be lucky to get some free parking areas. If you are a member of an RV club, you may be entitled to up to 50 percent discount on parking lots or for other roadside assistance.